IMG 6772  Legoland Discovery Center in Kansas City IMG 6773  Coolest Millenium Falcon ever - rose out of the Mos Eisley spaceport to audio from the movie IMG 6775 IMG 6776
IMG 6777  Mos Eisley cantina IMG 6781 IMG 6784  They even had a little lab with a small build. IMG 6785  There was one neat ride that was usually full.
IMG 6788 IMG 6789 IMG 6790 IMG 6800  You could have your birthday party there - imagine that!
IMG 6804  Nearby there was a storybook art installation which kids could interact with.  I think this one was Boom-Chicka-Boom. IMG 6806 IMG 6811 IMG 6819  Story City Carousel
IMG 6825 IMG 6829  Meeting up with cousins IMG 6831 IMG 6833  Too many great faces to delete any more!
IMG 6834 IMG 6838  Wilson got to hold his newest/first first cousin once removed. IMG 6839  He cooed a bit. IMG 6842  He seemed a lot happier than I expected he would be.
IMG 6852 IMG 6859 IMG 6861 IMG 6871
IMG 6872 IMG 6878 BlueSnake IMG 6889  Foggy first day of schoolNEW