IMG 20150117 193457125  Wilson chose this rental car from the Emerald Aisle.NEW IMG 20150118 092914962  We spent some time in the Arboretum at UC Davis.NEW IMG 20150118 093710641NEW IMG 20150118 094255323 HDRNEW
IMG 20150118 110140068  Here's one of the neat train cars we got to ride in at the Western Railway Museum.  I loved all the light bulbs.NEW IMG 20150118 113755699 HDR  Here's the outside with the conductor in period uniform.NEW IMG 20150118 113931574 HDRNEW IMG 20150118 120653099 HDR  This was another, newer street car.NEW
IMG 20150118 122620606 HDR  Wilson takes a bow.NEW IMG 20150118 152552929 HDR  This rest area had one of the neatest views of any.NEW IMG 20150119 085741538  Neat ships on the wharf.NEW IMG 20150119 085800235  Wilson kept telling me that Alcatraz was "Devil's Island."  I'd not heard that, but wasn't sure.  I couldn't get him to tell me where he read that.NEW
IMG 20150119 090257696 HDR  Pier 39 is famous for these sea lions which arrived 25 years prior after an earthquake.NEW IMG 20150119 091409863  This is the tandem we rode, in front of the USS Pampanito.  Unfortunately, it hadn't yet opened for the day.NEW IMG 20150119 091534086  Next to the submarine was SS Jeremiah O'Brien - also closed.NEW IMG 20150119 093537235  In the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park, we saw many neat ships including this restored steam-powered ocean tug, Hercules. http://www.nps.gov/safr/historyculture/hercules.htmNEW
IMG 20150119 101110931  We also explored the depths (and piloted!) Balclutha, a cargo sailing ship. http://www.nps.gov/safr/historyculture/balclutha.htm I think my favorite was the Eureka, a ferry that used to serve the 101 until they built the Golden Gate.  We didn't get pictures, but here's the link: http://www.nps.gov/safr/historyculture/eureka.htmNEW IMG 20150119 110902765 HDR  After a detour and since we were right there, we walked through the beautiful Palace of the Arts.NEW IMG 20150119 113110623  Just before entering the Presidio, we ran across a small, English pub: Liverpool Lil's.  Of course, I had an Anchor Steam.NEW IMG 20150119 145839969  Our destination.NEW
IMG 20150119 152620825 HDR  On the way back down on the far side, with SF in the background.NEW IMG 20150119 163932789 HDR  Waiting for the ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf with a view of SF.  Long story.NEW IMG 20150119 163945351NEW IMG 20150119 175105668  Alcatraz from the ferry.NEW
IMG 20150119 175111432  SF at night.NEW IMG 20150119 185128323  Having Chinese for supper in Chinatown.NEW IMG 20150120 092953338  The cable car we rode, leaving again.NEW IMG 20150120 113730929  At the John Muir National Monument, we saw California Redwoods.  This one date back to 909 AD.NEW
IMG 20150120 114005987 HDRNEW IMG 20150120 114332022 HDRNEW IMG 20150120 115044277NEW IMG 20150120 115049668 HDRNEW
IMG 20150120 120341722 HDRNEW IMG 20150120 120734536 HDRNEW IMG 20150120 120741105NEW IMG 20150120 120926584NEW
IMG 20150120 121114264  Looks like I took the most photos here.  I must have enjoyed the forest.NEW IMG 20150120 140331702 HDR  At the Jelly Belly factory.NEW