Waverly Flooding

Submitted by maifeld on Sun, 08/22/2021 - 20:49
106 Sutton Ave.

For a while in the mid-oughts, we lived in Tennessee and Wilson was born there.  While looking for a house, we rented for a few months from a colleague of Amy's who also worked at the DuPont plant in New Johnsonville.

This evening, we heard there was flooding in Humphries County where 21 people died after 15 inches of rain fell Saturday 21 August.  In viewing this story in the Tennesseean, we even saw the home we rented in a photograph from a Blackhawk.  Just across the alley a home had been swept of its foundation.  The circled house is where we lived at 106 Sutton Ave.  The square is the missing house.  The arrow is to Trace Creek that flooded.



Mitch didn't mention this, but the town of Waverly is about the same size as Hampton. The news is also reporting that about 25 people are still missing.