Colt Arrived

Submitted by maifeld on Wed, 04/01/2020 - 16:44
Fitting, perhaps that the next posting we have here is of our new dog!  Colt's family was a) away at work all day and b) out of state three weeks at a time.  They purchased Colt for their son as a comfort dog at college, but college said no dogs over 60 pounds.  Colt is 106!  He's about 3 years old and seems very well-behaved.  We'll update this as we get to know him.  Until then, here is a current photo and one we found on when registering his microchip (we think he's the one in the back based on coloring).

Roxy Died

Submitted by mitch on Wed, 01/08/2020 - 13:03

On Sunday the third of March 2013, we got a phone call that we should come over and pick up a dog.  Although we had considered finding one some day, it was truly a surprise to suddenly be an owner.  We brought Roxy home with only her collar and some of her food.  A friend even had to lend us a piece of rope for a leash.  We became fast friends as I described in my first posting about it a few days later on Wilson's Forum.