From the parking lot where we left our rental car and picked up the shuttle, we could see down to Grand Marais, a beautiful little tourist town.Here is where we started on the Superior Hiking Trail, at Arrowhead Trailhead.3We thought the aspen groves were neat.5One of the first features we found was a small beaver pond.We remembered our stove, but forgot to bring the pot to boil water.  Contemplating unreconstituted freeze-dried food, cold oatmeal and "iced" coffee, I used the stove windscreen to make a small box.This would boil almost a cup of water, but I think it was inefficient as we used almost all our fuel.  We also had to refill it often.Our first campsite was named after our dear, departed cat, Hazel.In addition to blue blazes, we followed these neat placards along the trail.11121314Great place for a lunch, next to the waterfalls of Devil Kettle.A better view of those falls.17It's hard to see how deep this gorge is.19One of my favorite parts was walking along Lake Superior.  It was cold and windy, however, and difficult to walk on the small rocks.Here we stopped for a second cup of coffee.222324These were funny little fungi.2627This is the stream near our next camp, where we dipped our toes for a while when we were tired of hiking.293031Amy noticed these little "warts" on the rocks around us.She picked a couple off.There's actually a little worm inside, under all the small flakes of stone.He must have glued himself in there somehow.We thought these sedimentary rocks almost looked like someone had laid them there.373839Panoramic view from Wildflower Hill414243444546474849505152535455The 360 view from Pincushion MountainIt was cold and windy and we forgot to bring jackets out there.Amy said to look manly.This was the initial difficult slope: slippery bare rock.There's a neat trail system on Pincushion Mountain.We just had to laugh at the name.  Understandable, though, since the town was named "Temperance."Wilson liked the lighthouses on the pier.There's the other pier/lighthouse/fog horn, across the canal.64That's the aerial lift bridge, in the down position.Wilson really wanted to rent one of these.6768We warmed up in a coffee shop and Wilson loved the fish tank.707172737475We took a harbor cruise on the Vista Star.They lifted a pedestrian bridge for us.78The Mesabi Miner is being loaded on one of the iron ore docks.Our cruise went as far as the high bridge - The Bong.We were fortunate enough to see them lift the aerial lift bridge across the canal.It allowed the Arthur M. Anderson to enter.838485Then we got a two-fer as the American Century also arrived just a few minutes later.8788899091929394Then they put the bridge back down.9697One of the lighthouse keepers' homes is restored and tour-able.99Split Rock Lighthouse101102You could walk down to the shore where that white building is, viewed from the lighthouse.Along the long stairway, you could stop and look back at the lighthouse.105106107108About halfway up, I thought to take a picture.Afterward, we stopped for lunch at "Betty's Pies."We also climbed Enger Tower on the hill overlooking Duluth.112113114