IMG 7263  Amazon has new gift wrap. IMG 7267  It's hard to open when you are excited. IMG 7274  Thanks, Kem. IMG 7276  It's the brand new Shaun the Sheep movie!
IMG 7285  And a Shaun flying catapult toy IMG 7291  Zoom across the room. IMG 7303  This Scalextric ARC One Powerbase updates Wilson's slot car track. IMG 7308  There's a tablet app to game-ify slot car racing, with lap times, pit stops, etc.
IMG 7326 IMG 7327 IMG 7346  Did I really get this? IMG 7354  Oh boy!
IMG 7362  Thanks, Gran and Grandad!  How did you know? IMG 7370 IMG 7379  My own iPad? IMG 7380  No, it's a Kindle Fire.
IMG 7388  Yay, my own iPad! IMG 7396  In Katy, Santa makes a tour of every street on a vintage fire truck.  He picks up Toys for Tots and food for the food pantry. IMG 7400  Amy's Princess Leia cupcakes IMG 7405  Amy's BB-8 cupcakes
IMG 7409  The Nutty Scientist show IMG 7410  The Nutty Scientist show IMG 7411  The Nutty Scientist show IMG 7413  Hudson wore this shirt with Darth Vader walking an AT-AT.  In the background, storm troopers are riding bikes and a Wookie is taking a photo.
IMG 7414  The Death Star, Tie Fighters and X-Wings rendered in Honeydew; Ritz Snowflake crackers, grapes, toothpicks; Tootsie Rolls, Bit-O-Honey; colored toothpicks IMG 7417 IMG 7419  This is an electrostatic wand with a Mylar loop.  The idea is to use the repellant force to keep the loop aloft. IMG 7435  They let Wilson use the air gun to blow the cup off a presenter's head.
IMG 7438 IMG 7439 IMG 7440 IMG 7445
IMG 7453 IMG 7540 IMG 7547 IMG 7551