Retreat Horse  Ceazar gives Wilson a nuzzle at CampForAll. Vader ISD1 ISD2
Retreat2015 IMG 7148  This is the crew who came to Wilson's rescue Sunday night. IMG 7153  A wink from the cab IMG 7155
IMG 7157 IMG 7161  They warned us to plug our ears and then let Wilson press the button for the air horns. IMG 7162  He found it most exciting that the traffic out front came to a stop. IMG 7170
IMG 7174 IMG 7180  This is Katy, the fire house's rescue dog.  They thought we'd like to get a photo here. IMG 7185  Then Wilson said he wanted everyone else in the photo, too. IMG 7200  Very nice of these fellows to invite Wilson to the fire house.
IMG 7201  He even got a hat!